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But who better to encourage you to become a prayerful wife… than a man who has been on the receiving end of those wifey prayers? 

From my husband:

When Carey and I first got married, I wasn’t a Christian. Oh, I called myself one. After all, I’d grown up believing in God, though He had never really played a big part in my life.

For the most part, church was just a place my family went on Easter and Christmas.

When I grew up, I drifted away from God. I prayed “Just In Case” prayers. I prayed more out of a hope that there might be a God in Heaven rather than any certainty that He was real. And I told myself that even if He did exist, there was no reason to think I was worth His attention.

But I prayed anyway… just in case.

I wasn’t a Christian. But my wife was. And she prayed for me.

When Carey and I first got married, I wasn’t a very good husband. I had lived alone for too many years, was too set in my ways, and too selfish. I had unrealistic expectations of my wife and wasn’t terribly nice to her.

But she prayed for me.

I wasn’t particularly motivated in my career. I put in my hours. I provided well enough for my family. But I didn’t enjoy what I did. I lacked confidence. I had no drive or desire to lead.

Carey prayed for me.

When we first had children, I wasn’t the best dad. Sure, I loved my kids, but I didn’t have the patience they needed. I got frustrated easily. I let too much of the burden fall on Carey.

She prayed for me anyway.

Carey and I will celebrate our 15th anniversary this year. I’ve still got room for improvement, but if you asked Carey, I think she’d tell you I’m a much better husband than I used to be.

Our kids are now 12 and 11 years old. I’d like to think I’m a pretty good dad now.

I changed jobs a few years back. This year they promoted me to manager. I love what I do.

I don’t share all these things because I’m all that. I’m not. I am still deeply flawed. But this past year marked the 13th anniversary of my baptism – the day I publicly declared Jesus Christ to be my Lord and Savior.

I don’t pray “Just in Case” prayers anymore. I pray to our God with the certainty that not only does He hear them, but He answers. I pray intentionally – every day – alone and with my family. I don’t believe any of the changes in my life would have happened if God hadn’t used my wife the way He did.

We don’t have a perfect marriage. Like you, we have good times and bad. We live through periods of calm and those in which the seas of life get a little choppy. But we love each other.

It does something to my heart to know that – no matter the situation – Carey is praying for me. And truth be told, I think it does something to her heart, too.

I’d like to encourage you to pray for your husband.

Whether he’s a Christian or not, pray for him.

No matter where he’s at in his career, pray for him.

Whether or not he’s up for Father of the Year, pray for him.

And regardless of the state of your marriage, pray for him.

And don’t pray just in case. Pray knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is there. And He’s listening.

And He answers.

Your Brother in Christ,


©2014 Carey Scott

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  1. Jeanelle says

    Wayne – thank you for the reminder that prayer matters even when we can’t SEE the immediate results. May we keep pressing in for ALL God has for our spouse (and our marriage).

  2. Dorothy bozeman says

    Carrie thanks for your incourgement I love Jesus and just thank god for everything he has done and continuing to do in my life and my family life I pray for my husband all my family and I believe in god trust and I have faith in him he can restore your life if u let him may god bless u and your family

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