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Hi, I’m Carey -- a speaker, author, and life coach honest about my life and faith, stumbles, fumbles, and all.

My ministry focuses on helping women untangle their self-worth from the world and secure it in Jesus. And when we do, we’re free to live authentic lives… not perfect ones.

The remedy to soothe your aching heart


When we feel worthless…

… we don’t need food to fill that empty place.

… we don’t need a trip to the mall to restore our joy.

… we don’t need prescriptions or libations to numb the pain.

What we need more than anything else, is to bring our weary hearts to Word of God and let it hydrate those deflated places in our self-worth.

It’s the only remedy that can give us what we truly need to thrive.

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Untangled Radio: The problem with keeping score in relationships

CareyScott_Episode Graphic004Back in the earlier days of our marriage, my husband used to be a big score-keeper. How could he not? He grew up seeing it in action in his own home.

So because of that…

… Wayne was programmed to keep track of whose turn it was to change a diaper.

… He knew the last person to empty the dishwasher.

… He’d marked on the scoreboard in his mind who got to choose the last movie we watched or the last restaurant we visited.

And when the scales tipped in my favor and things weren’t fair and balanced, our home became a war-zone.

Not only did it make this trust-impared, control-enthusiast spittin’ mad, but it drove home the message I already believed that said, “I’m not good enough.”

It triggered deep insecurities and heaped a huge helping of guilt on me, too.

Why couldn’t I be the kind of wife he needed?

Are you in a relationship with a score-keeper?

Or are you the one keeping score?

Either way, it’s a joy-draining, confidence-killing, trust-removing, guilt-producing, and love-ending set-up.

Wanna know what we did to change things up so our marriage began to thrive?

Click here for Untangled Radio, and let’s continue the discussion.

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When you’re not sure who you really are


When the world says who you are isn’t good enough…

When others remind you that you don’t have what it takes…

When the Enemy brings to mind your failures and indiscretions…

God boldly reminds you of who you really are… and how your imperfect life can glorify Him.

And if you’ll believe that truth, it will begin to untangle all the lies that have knotted you up for so long.

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Untangled Radio: 3 ways we feel insecure in marriage

CareyScott_Episode Graphic003Hallmark cards for husbands and wives are so sappy.

If we were to define marriage based on what they said, we’d think it was always wonderful… always fulfilling… always loving.

Um, right.

Marriage can be flavored with all those things. But it also has its fair share of hurt feelings, pain, and frustration.

That’s just reality.

Because like everything else in life, marriage has an ebb and flow to it. Some seasons are awesome…

… some not so much.

And we get into trouble when we let those seasons determine how we feel about ourselves.

Think about it… how does your marriage affect your self-esteem?

When you and your man are connecting well and enjoying one another, don’t you feel the most confident?

But what happens when your marriage feels unstable and dysfunctional? How do those times affect your sense of worth?

And what can you do about it?

Click here for Untangled Radio, and let’s continue the discussion.

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