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Hi, I’m Carey -- a speaker, author, and life coach honest about my life and faith, stumbles, fumbles, and all.

My ministry focuses on helping women untangle their self-worth from the world and secure it in Jesus. And when we do, we’re free to live authentic lives… not perfect ones.

A back-to-school prayer for our kid’s heart (and for ours)

prayer for back to schoolDear Lord,

One of the hardest moments we face each year is releasing our kids back into the world – be it preschool, college, or somewhere in between.

While summer can bring its own set of challenges… and while we’re exhausted and ready for routine by its end… summer is a sweet season for us to connect in a deeper way with our kids. We get to spend concentrated time pouring truth into their heart, often using our words to undo the effects of the world.

So sending them back to school can create fear and anxiety because we want our kids to know how much they matter. We want them to be confident in who they are. We want them to thrive.

Father, will you bring peace and remind us that You care about those same things?

We worry and stress, wondering…

… will they be liked?

… will they fit in?

… will others treat them with kindness?

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Kindness is a powerful de-tangler

just be kind

A letter to students… (and a challenge for everyone else)

Welcome to a new year! Don’t you just love the first few weeks of school?

… everyone is on their best behavior

… people aren’t singled-out for their differences yet

… many embarrassments from the previous year have been forgotten

… and new alliances are formed

It’s usually a tangle-free season that doesn’t last for long. So enjoy it.

Because soon it’s back to business-as-usual… and you’ll see the tangle-makers emerge with criticism, jeers, mean-spiritedness, and bullying.

And you’ll have to fight to hold onto your self-worth with all you’ve got. Believe me, it’s worth the fight.

Maybe you’re one of the tangle-makers. If so, step back and ask yourself why it’s so important to make someone feel less than you. Think about why it feels good to tear-down someone else. Look into your own life to see where your self-worth is so knotted up with insecurity that elevating yourself above others makes you feel better. 

And knock it off. Being a tangle-maker is not cool.

So let’s change things up this year.

What if we all decided to be kind to one another?

A kind word can shift someone’s mood. A kind act can validate someone’s existence. And both can give hope and encouragement that life will get better… or home will get better… or a relationship will get better.

Compassion is so powerful.

Because when you’re kind, it changes things.

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When other moms tangle our heart…

take a village

Dear moms,

There’s an old African Proverb that says… It takes a village to raise a child.

I love this saying because it’s so true. Aren’t we all in this together?

Truth is, our kids need a variety of adults to pour life and encouragement into their hearts. They need other adults to lovingly hold them accountable and even challenge them to step-it-up at times. And our kids need grown-ups (aside from family) who can help keep their hearts untangled.

Because my kids – our kids — are a work-in-progress.

And that means they are learning how to function in relationships. It means they are trying to figure out how to be a good friend, and how to handle conflict. Their emotions can be confusing and impulsive and overwhelming, and so can their responses to it.

It can be terribly messy.

We’re all raising raw leaders who need direction … and patience … and grace. Lots of grace.

… Especially when my kid hurts your kid and the mama-bear in you awakens. Or yours hurts mine.

… Or when your child feels rejected from their group and your own tangle of rejection tightens.

… Or when you hear about the petty fights at lunch or recess and the mean-spiritedness reminds you of your own struggles as a child.

And you know what happens?

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When you want your kids untangled: An open letter to teachers

Dear TeachersDear teachers,

First of all, thank you. I’m so grateful you said yes when God called you to be a teacher. If asked, I know you’d say it’s rewarding… but I also know it can be stressful and frustrating and thankless.

So thank you.

I notice the effort you give in making your classroom just so. I appreciate the time you put into finding fun and innovative ways to teach curriculum. And I know how tiring it is to deal with drama and attitude issues at the same time you’re trying to manage a classroom filled with a diverse group of kids who learn and respond so differently.

You. Are. Amazing.

And an inspiration.

But I need you to know that each year I send my kids off to school – despite my best efforts… despite your best efforts – my heart feels terribly vulnerable to being tangled up in insecurity.

I love my kids. And I want every good thing for them.

… I want them to have rich friendships

… I want to them excel in their academics

… I want them to grow in a deeper relationship with Jesus

… And I want you to see how very special God made them.

Now my kids are not perfect.

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