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Hi, I’m Carey -- a speaker, author, and life coach honest about my life and faith, stumbles, fumbles, and all.

My ministry focuses on helping women untangle their self-worth from the world and secure it in Jesus. And when we do, we’re free to live authentic lives… not perfect ones.

I have a voice, and so do you.

what you think matters

Sometimes it’s exhausting trying to play by the rules. Because there are lots of them. And they change all the time.

And so often, we accidentally cross lines we don’t want to cross because the boundaries are fuzzy.

Heck, sometimes I struggle to even know what the rules are.

We live in a world where we have to over-think and over-analyze every word we share. Because if we say the wrong thing, in the wrong way, at the wrong time… we offend.

And honestly, most of us aren’t trying to offend.

Most of us don’t want to alienate others.

Our hope… our heart’s desire… is to be agents of peace.

Cuz there’s enough crazy already going around, and we don’t need to add to it. Does that preach?

But the problem is…

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Those prayers we scream…

Need God to be biggerThere are times I just want to scream.

Sometimes into my pillow, sometimes right at the one who triggered my insecurity, and other times because my ability to hold it all together is failing.

Then there are those times that actually I do.

And yesterday was one of those days.

Super un-awesome.

Just like for you, I’d imagine… there are circumstances and situations that have the power to knock our feet right out from under us.

I have a few.

And the Enemy knows them.

Even though I’ve been a Jesus-follower for many, many years… these things hurt. And as much as I wish I was above “acting out” when an old wound gets poked, I’m not always.

Yes, I know what the Bible says about trusting. And believing. And seeking His face.

I know them. I speak of them. I write about them.

I try to walk them out in my life.

But sometimes….

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Yep, it’s on purpose

God made you on purpose

When God created YOU, He did so on purpose. 

~ He thought you up, from your hair color to your shoe size.

~ He determined the date of your entrance onto the stage of planet earth.

~ He placed you in your family because they had something you needed.

~ And He allowed those things to happen because they’d equip you for what is coming next.

 And no matter what you think, you’re here for a reason.

~ You aren’t an accident (even if that’s what you’ve been told).

~ You aren’t a cosmic collision (even if that’s popular belief).

~ You didn’t evolve (even if that’s being taught).

 And regardless of how inadequate you may feel, you have a call on your life.

~ God wants you to say yes to that thing – the one that scares you because it’s so out of your comfort zone.

~ God hopes you’ll silence the not-good-enough messages that whisper, “No, you can’t.”

~ Because God wants your life to point others to Him.

You see, there is something only you have to offer the world. Believe me, no one else has the same mix of awesome-sauce that you do.

But if you choose to sit back…

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