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Hi, I’m Carey -- a speaker, author, and life coach honest about my life and faith, stumbles, fumbles, and all.

My ministry focuses on helping women untangle their self-worth from the world and secure it in Jesus. And when we do, we’re free to live authentic lives… not perfect ones.

When enough is enough…

“So when God untangles me, does that mean I’ll never struggle with insecurity again?”

I get asked that question. A lot.

Close up tangleAnd while I don’t always understand the hows and the whys of God, I do know this: The Creator is in relentless pursuit of your healing.

He wants to wrap His arms around those “I’m not good enough” places in your tangled heart and speak truth into the knots that are choking you.

Because when God speaks, things change.

In the first chapter of Genesis, God literally speaks the world into being. He took a whole bunch of nothingness and changed it into something amazing with words.

  • “Then God said, ‘Let there be light.’ And light appeared.”
  • “And God said, ‘Let the vapors separate to form the sky above and the oceans below.’ So God made the sky, dividing the vapor above from the water below.”
  • “Then God said, ‘Let the water beneath the sky be gathered into oceans so that the dry land will emerge.’ And so it was.”

He opened His mouth… told the nothingness to form… and it did. God’s words hold the power to create change. 

And guess what? Your words do, too.

Here’s why I know that…

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Sometimes the hardest one to forgive is yourself {An Untangled Summer study}

Last Tuesday, I blogged about my red-hot anger over a bully situation that deeply affected my son. I shared how hard I fought the school district because they hadn’t handled the situation properly.

And when they made it clear they had no intention of making right what they had let go wrong, I held on to anger for a very long time. It was terribly unhealthy.

Slowly that anger turned into bitterness, and the bitterness gave way to unforgiveness. For years, it was consuming. But over that time, God softened my heart … and I’d found a way to release the guilty parties from my hands, into God’s.

But even then, something about it still stirred my heart.

As I was typing out the details of the bully situation in my book Untangled because I share it in great detail there – God met me right in the middle of the story. In a way only He could, God revealed what had been stirring inside.

And as I sat there with my hands on the keyboard and tears running down my cheeks, I realized I hadn’t forgiven myself for not saving my son from harm.

… A good mom would have seen the situation for what it was and intervened sooner. What if my son is broken forever?

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When you don’t want to forgive {An Untangled Summer study}

When my son was in 3rd grade and the victim of a bully,

… and when we had to pull him from one school and move him to another in the middle of the year,

… and when we discovered the school had covered up their mistake of not supporting or reporting the situation,

… and when we met with the district administrators and school board to hold them accountable for the breakdown of procedure,

… and when they reminded me this was a scenario we’d never win,

… I was so filled with anger, and I wanted someone to pay.

Lights unforgivenessjpg

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Why you are worth celebrating {An Untangled Summer study}

“What do you like about yourself?”

I asked this question to an online group of women the other day, not sure what to expect. You know, it’s always risky to ask women to share something they find “good” about themselves, because we don’t often focus on those things.

We’ve been conditioned to focus on our shortcomings instead — those places we don’t measure up.

We fret about our perky-less-ness. We obsess over the flabby. We spotlight our failures. We agonize about our lack of style. We trap ourselves in comparison. We’re bothered by our long list of not good enoughs.

But to my delight, women answered.

Lots of them.

Each response seemed to spark courage for the next, and the replies kept coming.

There’s something very powerful and attractive about a woman who knows she has something to offer – one who knows she has beauty… or wit… or kindness… or a talent… or the ability to love others well.

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